Ms Asha Verma
She is the key fundament and reflects a formidable vision to make the school reach the zenith of its success. She is a believer in individual talent, a dynamic and committed leader and a conscientious human being has revamped the real meaning of education.
Teaching Experience  : 12  Years
Qualification : BA ,B.Ed
Ms Girija Thakur
She believes education as source of real life wisdom and character building.  She puts all her efforts towards actualization of student-friendly education system and environment.
Teaching Experience : 8 years
Qualification : MA,M.Ed.
Ms Praveen
Dance Teacher
She is an extremely talented dance teacher, motivating her students to elevate  and dance with their imagination.
Teaching Experience : 3 Years
Ms Pinki
She is a committed teacher who wishes to take school to zenith of its success and aspires for all around growth and development of students.
Teaching Experience : 5 Years
Qualification : B.Sc B.Ed
Ms Aneesha
Serving with commitment and involvement as an Academic Controller .She is highly accomplished in construction and conduction of the school curriculum .She believes in inculcating spontaneous and progressive d freedom of expression and confidence on the part of students.
Teaching Experience : 14 Years
Qualification : BA, NTT, B.ED
As a significant resource person and a computer teacher , she reflects her engrossment in parent connection
Shipra Baluja
She firmly believes that games and sports render leadership qualities such as ethics, integrity, self motivation, empathy which can shape a child into a better human being.
Her courteous and polite personality graces up her surroundings and tiny tots as well. She has skillfully designed curriculum for the kindergarten students to make lessons enriched with knowledgeable facts so that the tiny tots enjoy them ardently.
She initiates classroom regulation and etiquette among students through her affectionate and pleasing countenance. With consummate knowledge, she is efficient in individual handling of students’ academic needs and thrives to derive innovative ways to make an individual student discover a new concept and a new way to learn at every step.
Sarina Sharma
She’s passionate about trying new ideas and new ways of learning that make children enjoy learning. These great activities have made her a favourite with our students who are always eager to see what new she has in store for them.
Geeta Sharma
She is an extremely talented and creative art educator, motivating her students to elevate with their imagination. Students flourish through her fun based style of learning that focuses on allowing students to explore and be creative without pressure.
Ramneet Kaur Awasthi
Her sheer dedication has helped Kindergarten develop into a colourful world of knowledge. She has created an enthusiastic environment and made learning a happy journey for each child.
As a pleasant facilitator for her students and an excellent arranger of academics, she is highly optimistic in her attitude and handles smooth functioning of academics in the school, including daily studies, practical tasks, activities, assessments and evaluations.